16 June 2015

Dorayaki / Japanese Pan Cakes / Dora Cake

If you have little kids at home, I am sure you are aware of Dora cakes. One of the famous cartoon character Doraemon's favorite snack. It is a Japanese pancake made of 2 equal size pancakes with bean filling or a sweet filling. It is a favorite among Japanese adults and kids. It's a yummy snack for kids and adults.A simple recipe that can be made in 30 minutes.

Kids are a big fan of the cat robot Doraemon. My son has been telling me to make Dora cakes. I used to laugh it off thinking it is just a cartoon. I thought that there may not be a cake in that name. I was so thrilled when I came across this recipe on cafegarima. The actual recipe is adapted from Just one cookbook. 

This pancake can be made as a snack item for kids to school. It is traditionally supposed to be made with sweet bean paste. In Japanese 'Dora' means gong  a musical instrument. The pancake is in the shape of a gong. ' Yaki' means cooked or grilled. So go ahead and surprise your kids!

11 June 2015

Schezwan Vegetable Fried Rice

Schezwan Fried Rice is a famous recipe from the Indo Chinese Cuisine. It seems to have originated from the Sichuan province of China. It is made with sichuan pepper. But we substitute it with red chillies in India. I suggest you make schezwan sauce at home because it is the best. It is better to avoid the preservatives and taste enhancers like ajinamoto in store bought sauces. This is an easy sauce to make with easily available ingredients. 

06 June 2015

Kallumakkaya Achar / Mussels Pickle Version 2

Mussels pickle is a speciality of Malabar region. It is seasonal in their availability. It is a very tasty pickle and can be stored for a long time. Kerala Cuisine is known around the world for its hot and spicy dishes. It is also well known for its sea food delicacies. Sea food dishes from mussels, prawns, oysters are all time favorites of the people of Malabar.

I have made a different style of mussels pickle before as my 100th post. It is a dry version.Try this too. It will surely tingle your taste buds. Happy weekend!