18 March 2014

Dragon Chicken - Indo Chinese Starter

Today I would like to share this easy Indo-Chinese starter - Dragon Chicken. We used to order it at our favourite Chinese restaurant as my son likes it. When I saw this recipe in a magazine (Grihalaxmi) I thought why not try it. And voila! I served it and it was over in a few seconds. This is a new addition to our weekly menu of Indo Chinese preparations. My other favorites are the Chicken Fried Rice, Chilly Mushroom and Chilly Chicken.

13 March 2014

Basil Seeds Lime Cooler

If you are a fan of Falooda, you must be familiar with basil seeds. In India, basil seeds are commonly used in faloodas. They are also known by the names Tukmaria / Falooda Seeds / Sabja Seeds. Never did I know, that it had so many health benefits. If you are living in the America / Australia then I am sure you must be familiar with Chia Seeds. Chia Seeds and Basil Seeds are not the same but they are very similar when it comes to benefits. You can call them "cousins". Chia seeds are difficult to find in Asia / South East Asia / Middle East. Basil seeds are more common in these places.You can find these seeds in supermarkets / grocery shops.

04 March 2014

Neypathiri / Malabar Special Rice Pancakes

A traditional treat of North Malabar- the Neypathiri / Neypathal. It is a deep fried rice roti which is a common breakfast, evening snack or dinner item at houses in North Kerala. There are different varieties of pathiris like the Ari Pathiri ( for all the health conscious people), Prawn Pathiri, Irachi Pathiri, Chatti/atti pathiri, Tyre Pathiri..